Monday, May 3, 2010

Lunar Cycles for Healing, Ritual, & Ceremony

The moon is ruled by the Goddess. By honoring, acknowledging, and flowing with the lunar cycles, you naturally align with the great cosmic cycles. You begin to reclaim your natural rhthym.
We lose our natural rthythm due to the over-stimulation, fear, busyness, artifical lighting, and excessive negativity in our society. Here are some basic insights to begin:

New moon:
Time for divination, solitude, self-reflection, comtemplation, and internal work. Preparation for blessings in your life.
Ruled by the Crone goddess and the Night
Season: Winter

Waxing moon:
Time for spells of invitation, growth, new projects, increase of power, money, and fertility.
Ruled by Maiden Goddess and the morning
Season: Spring

Full moon:
Time for maximum power, coven work, sacred sexual union, earth magic, healing, empowerment, and workings of culmination.
Ruled by Mother Goddess and the Mid-day.
Season: Summer

Waning Moon:

Time for discovering inner secrets and performing cleansing spells of banishing, binding, or decrease.
Ruled by the Matriarch and the afternoon.
Season: Autumn

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