Monday, May 3, 2010

Goals of a Goddess Priestess

To become and be a Goddess Priestess requires action. It is not just something you can say. You must live and breathe it. You must dedicate your life, your life’s work, and your being to further understanding, appreciating, assisting, honoring, and knowing the Great Mother Goddess. Here are some ways to grow more into becoming Goddess handmaidens:

I. Know Yourself
II. Know Your Craft (Goddess Worship & Spirituality)
III. Learn
IV. Receive healing work (to become healthier & clearer)
V. Apply Knowledge with Wisdom
VI. Achieve balance
VII. Keep your words in good order
VIII. Keep your thoughts in good order
IX. Celebrate Life
X. Attune with the Great Cycles of the Earth & Cosmos
XI. Breathe and Eat correctly
XII. Exercise the Body
XIII. Meditate (to best align with spirit and your higher self)
XIV. Honor the Great Mother Goddess

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