Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Week & The Planets

The planets, just like the sun and moon, affect us. The are connected to us.
Use the days and their magic to do your spellwork and healings.

Sundays - Sun
Solar power, personal empowerment, light, vitality,

Mondays - Moon
Lunar power, psychic ability, magic, spirituality, calling on The Goddess, childbirth, dark, healing, emotional,

Tuesday - Mars
energy, passion, sexuality, vitality, anger, intensity

Wednesdays - Mercury
communication, knowledge, divination

Thursdays - Jupiter
Expansion, growth, power, attainment, prosperity, opportunity

Fridays - Venus
beauty, the arts, The Goddess, merrymaking, women's power, fertility, creativity, magic, sexuality

Saturdays - Saturn
ending, closing, binding, clearing, loss, changing, renewing, releasing, death

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Injustices Against The Goddess & Women (Past-Present)

 There have been many injustices against women throughout the ages. These things have occurred as a way to make women inferior and to take their power away. By being aware of them, we can heal them as a collective and also send light to the female ancestors in our past so they can be more supported in their truth.

Domestic Violence,
Female Genital Mutilation,
Foot binding,
Female Infanticide,
Forced Sterilization,
Honor Killings,
Sexual Harassment,
Sex Trafficking,
Denied Property rights,
Denied voting rights,
Clothing restrictions,
Denied fair wages,
Denied to enter certain job fields,
2nd class citizenship,
Considered the weaker sex,
The female body viewed as a sinful place,
Women said to be born of Men,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Work with Light

This site is light-based and so we recommend that you work with light but honor and respect the dark. There are two kinds of dark: the great darkness which gives birth to all and the lower dark which is the shadow and fear.