Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Blood Mysteries

The Blood Mysteries

Women's menstrual blood has always been revered as holy and sacred. We need to remember this and come back to this ancient truth. Menstrual blood is a divine elixir that can be used for many purposes. Women must begin again to honor themselves, their bodies, their wombs, their blood time, and their sexuality. We set the standards in society and we always have (Example, If we allow abuse in our lives, the world will treat us accordingly). We must raise our standards and vibrations, as women, if we truly want change for ourselves, our families, and our planet.

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"Blood Red: A Devotion To Our Sacred Blood Time" -

Your Sacred Sexuality & The Goddess

This piece if focused on women and their sexuality.
By honoring your body, sexuality, bloodtime and life; you honor The Goddess.
Make the intention to start today to heal your sexuality.
There are a variety of ways to do this:

- Have clear & honest intentions for your body, partner, lovemaking, and sexuality.
- Recite positive affirmations about your body & sexuality everyday.
- Honor your blood time (menses) with respect, loving thoughts & quiet time.
- Practice keeping your eyes open during lovemaking.
- Learn more about your own body. Explore it, read about it, take a workshop, and make time to love yourself.
- Both you & your partner should wash your hands before lovemaking to honor the body & remove lower energies beforehand.
- Talk openly about your sexuality & lovemaking with your partner
- Intend to heal yourself on all levels of being and to honor all aspects of your body & life
- Intend to attract a partner that is self-loving, clear, honest, respectful, mindful, responsible, trusting & healing themselves

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Thank You List to the Goddess

Thank You List to The Goddess

This can recited everyday, during the new & full moons, during the equinoxes and solstices, or whenever you feel the need. Change it to fit you. Showing gratitude gets you more of that very same thing.

Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my perfect health
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my beautiful home
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my amazing friends and family
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for all the money in my life
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my perfect, ideal work
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my higher & divine self
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for being to help others everyday
Thank you Great Mother Goddess for my for my wonderful life

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Prayer To The Goddess

Everything is in The Mother,
Everthing is The Mother,
and The Mother is beyond everything.

The Light of The Goddess surrounds me
The Love of The Goddess enfolds me
The Power of The Goddess protects me
The Presence of The Goddess watches over me

Wherever I am, The Goddess is.
And so it is!!!!!!

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