Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Week & The Planets

The planets, just like the sun and moon, affect us. The are connected to us.
Use the days and their magic to do your spellwork and healings.

Sundays - Sun
Solar power, personal empowerment, light, vitality,

Mondays - Moon
Lunar power, psychic ability, magic, spirituality, calling on The Goddess, childbirth, dark, healing, emotional,

Tuesday - Mars
energy, passion, sexuality, vitality, anger, intensity

Wednesdays - Mercury
communication, knowledge, divination

Thursdays - Jupiter
Expansion, growth, power, attainment, prosperity, opportunity

Fridays - Venus
beauty, the arts, The Goddess, merrymaking, women's power, fertility, creativity, magic, sexuality

Saturdays - Saturn
ending, closing, binding, clearing, loss, changing, renewing, releasing, death

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