Monday, May 3, 2010

Divine Names of the Goddess

The Great Mother has many names and many forms. She is in our cells, our breathe, the earth, the winds, the night, the great void and she gives birth to all things. Here are some names of her names from our ancient civilizations & ancestors:

The Great Mother Goddess
Mother Goddess
The Great Provider
Mother of Every God and Goddess
Primeval Great Goddess
The Divine Feminine
Queen of Heaven and Earth
Goddess of Water, Blood, and Milk
Lady birth Hut
Earth Mother
The One with Many names
Goddess of the Grain
Universal Mother
The Great Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer
The Great womb
The Prime Creator
Goddess of Birth, Life, Death, and Rebirth
The House
The Great Mystery
Mistress of the Wild Beasts
The All-Begetting Mother
The Lady of the Mountain
Tree of Life
Mother Nature
Lady of the Uterus
The Golden One
The Beautiful One
Lotus Goddess
The Initiator
The Great Protectress
The Fertility Goddess
The Lady of the Trees

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