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Most of humankind has moved far from Goddess Worship. Many of us in the present day are reclaiming “She” in our personal lives. You can never redo the past, we are not meant to, but we always need to go back and embrace that which still serves us well. Goddess worship is that force that we must keep and cherish to heal and flourish again.

When the Patriarchy (western civilization) destroyed and distorted the earth plane, feminine archetypes, woman’s sexuality and nature, they also tainted her mythology. Most of the mythology available is incorrect. Many stories were changed to depict how Men gave birth to civilization through masturbation and violent mutilation. Also, there is an over emphasis on European myths and neglect of others.

All things are born from a woman.

The Goddess has always ruled love, beauty, shamanism, midwifery, belly dancing, herbology, crystals, tantric sexuality, nurturance, creativity, expansion, holistic wellness & being, the great cycles, menstrual blood, sacred darkness, the Earth, protection, the waters, grain and wine, and milk.

We need more books and informational sources dedicated to Goddess Mythology from all over the world.

Goddesses of Egypt------------------------------------
Hathor: The Celestial Cow, Lady of the Universe
Isis: The Great Mother
Maat: Truth, balance, Divine Harmony, Justice
Mut: Vulture, Rebirth
Neith: The Hunteress
Nephthys: The Friend of The Dead
Nut: The Sky Goddess
Tawaret: Pregnancy, Birth
Tefnut: Dew, Moon
Wadjet: The Cobra Goddess, Wisdom

Goddesses of Mesopotamia, Persia, & Canaan------------------------
Ishtar: Love, Death, Birth, Grain
Astarte: Great Mother

Aztec and Maya Goddesses------------------------------------
Chalchihuitlicue: Waters
Cihuacoatll: Earth Mother & Divine Midwife
Coyolxauhqui: Moon
Ix Chel: Lady Rainbow, Moon, Serpent
Tlazolteotl: Lady of the Witches

Greek and Roman Goddess----------------------------------
Aprodite/Venus: Love
Artemis/Diana: Virgin Huntress
Athena/Minerva: Goddess of Wisdom
Circe: The Sorceress
Demeter/ Ceres: The Goddess of Corn
Fortuna: Fertility Goddess
The Furies:
Gaia: Mother Earth
The Graces/The Charities: Fertility
Hecate: Magic, Underworld
Hera/Juno: Sacred Union & Marriage
Hestia/Vesta: Health
Muses: Inspiration
Persephone: Dead, Underworld
Rhea: The Great mother

Celtic Goddesses-------------------------------------------------
Brigid: The Wise Woman
Ceridwen: Mother of Prophecy and Divine Knowledge
Danu: Waters of Heaven, Fertility
Epona: The Divine Horse, Bringers of the Dreams
The Morrigan: The Great “Phantom” Queen

Native American & South American Goddesses---------------------------
Changing Woman: Mother of Humankind
Quilla: Moon Goddess, Childbirth
White Buffalo Women: Great Mother
Cherokee Sun: Fertility

Norse Goddesses-----------------------------------------------
Freja: Love, Death
Frigg: Queen, Earth Mother, Love, Marriage
Hel: Underworld, Dead
Idun: Eternal Youth & Spring
Sif: Thunder

Indian Goddesses--------------------------------------------
Durga: Warrior Goddess
Kali: Creator, Preserver, Destruction
Lakshmi: fertility, abundance
Mahadevi: The Supreme Goddess
Parvati: Beauty
Radha: sacred Union
Saravasti: Water
Sati: Wife and lover
Usas: Cow Goddess

Chinese Goddesses-------------------------------------------
Kuan Yin: Compassion, love, Buddhahood

Japanese Goddesses-----------------------------------------------
Amaterasu: Sun Goddesses
Izanami: Mother of the Gods

Oceania Goddesses--------------------------------------------------
Papa: Earth Mother
Wawilak Sisters: Female ancestral spirits, Dreamtime

African and Carribean Goddesses------------------------------------------
Eleggua: Opener of the Path, gateway
Eruzulie: Beauty, love, Grace, luxury
Inkosikazi Yezulu: The Goddess of Maidens
La Sirene: Mermaids
Orunmila: Wisdom, Divination
Oshun: Divinity of the Waters
Oya: Weather, Ruler of the Dead
Yemaya: Seas, Maternal Love

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