Monday, May 3, 2010

Goddess Archetypes

The information for this page was retrieved from the book “Circle of life” by Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard. It is a great book on thirteen primary Goddess archetypes that are present in every women’s life cycle. Reminder, these phases can occur at any age or stage of life, depending on the person. Some of these archetypes we may not have honored fully in our lives at the time they manifested and we may choose to cultivate them more now.

February 1
Qualities: Youth, Beauty, Virginity, purity,
one-on-one relationship with her essence

March 20-22 (Spring Equinox)
Qualities: Balance, Menarche, Budding sexuality, beholden to no other

Blood Sister
Qualities: Strong companionships with other women, boldness, self-expression, menses

May 1
Qualities: fertility rites, love, intimate partnerships, sacred marriage, creativity

June 20-22 (Summer Solstice)
Qualities: Childbirth, creative projects, surrendering, control, warmth, nurturing of others

Qualities: teacher, facilitator, assists others with personal transformation not only in birth but in life as a whole, healer, shamaness, witch

August 1
Qualities: Self-directed, warriorship, courageous, strong, independent

September 20-22 (Fall Equinox)
Qualities: Director of her family, head of her clan, Grandmother, authority, security, calm, emotional strength, menopause

Qualities: Joyous student of the Great Mystery & Mother Goddess, handmaiden, honest, self-healing

November 1 (Samhain, Day of the Dead)
Quallities: Madwoman, alchemist, wielder of power, Understands herself, facing your deepest fears

December 20-22 (Winter Solstice)
Qualities: comes to terms with herself, peaceful, wisdom, clarity, storyteller, preparing for her death

Dark Mother
Qualities: Impending and Actual death, takes her own private journey into the unknown, release, honored, reaper, relinquish old out-dated beliefs

Qualities: the center of life, the Great Cosmic Womb, The great void, darkness, cauldron, the place where all is potential and possible, our refuge, our opportunity to rest and regroup, may appear elusive

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