Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Goddess Basics

( ) The Goddess accepts your gifts.
Know that whatever you offer to The Goddess, a stick of incense or a grand ceremony, if it comes from the heart, she will take it.

( ) There is only One Source.
There is only One Source. We are all in and of it. Love creates all things.

For more info on Connecting with The Goddess (through practice),

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  1. Osiyo, Ten...

    I read your comment on my blog and wanted to say thank you for reading me. It's always nice to meet fellow lightworkers and followers of the Goddess (and, in my case, Great Spirit - I'm a little different).

    Just a brief note about me - I'm a Cherokee elder and medicine/herb/stone/oil woman (Woman With Many Totems), a High Priestess (Lady Lutria), and healer. I also volunteered at Folsom Prison as a spiritual leader and teacher for a group of Native American inmates. I follow the Native American path and also have an affinity for the old goddess' (The Venus of Willendorf is my favorite - Hubster thinks I was the model for her LOL).

    In any event, it's a pleasure to meet you. May the wind always be at your back and the wings of the Sacred Eagle shield you from harm.

    Pam aka the Yarn Goddess