Monday, November 1, 2010

"Goddess Priestesses of The Violet Fire" astral group

Visit our "Goddess Priestesses of The Violet Fire" Astral Group
(in the light astral realm during dreamtime)

Some Info About The Magic of Dreamtime
We all sleep. We all need sleep and many things can take place during your dreamtime. We live in a multi-dimensional reality and there are many layers to life. Dreamtime is one aspect of your being. Dreams and sleeping help us to relax, allows the subconscious to emerge, and gives us balance. But there is much more to dreamtime and it has many other amazing uses.

During dreamtime, we visit the astral planes. We visit there via using our astral bodies. There are three vibrations to the astral planes: the light, the love and the lower. If you wish to heal it is best for you to make the conscious decision to only visit the light or love astral realm during dreamtime. They are filled with divine assistance and guidance, teachings, and nurturance. They are also safe. The lower astral realms are inhabited by parasites, demons, dark beings, and is meant to take your energy and fill your body with foreign energies.

Here are some things that can be done during dreamtime (in the light & love realm and use clear intention):

1. visit with family, loved ones, those who have past over, and friends
2. work with others to clear up any negative karma
3. take workshops with etheric beings of divine light
4. travel and visit others parts of the world, dimensions, galaxy, and universe
5. participate in various spiritual initations to help you heal
6. work with your Divine Self, Higher self, Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides of Divine light to receieve guidance and direction

(A) Why should you join us in our "Goddess Priestesses of The Violet Fire" Astral Group?
If you desire to become a Goddess Priestess or you are a Goddess Priestess,
feel free to join our "Goddess Priestess" astral group in the light astral realm.

This will be great for you, if you are:
- new to the Goddess craft
- wanting to be in goddess community
- want to quicken your healing and learning
- want to learn more about the Divine Feminine
- feel a heart's calling to The Goddess
- want to be more mindful with how you spend your dreamtime

(B) What will we do in our astral group?
We will do ceremonies, rituals, trainings, healing work, and workshops that are light-based and Goddess centered. We will also work with female Goddesses, saints, angels, archangels, and masters of the divine light.

(C) Who is this group open to?
The group is open to all women, of all ages, who are light or love workers, who desire to heal them themselves, and want to align with the divine will.
It will work best with women who are also doing their studies and work on the physical plane. You can have your spirit guides, higher self, and divine self present with you as well.

(D) When is this group available?
This group will be available to young girls and women every night.

(E) Who maintains the group?
The group is created and maintained by Ten Nebula.
It is light-based and works with the divine plan.

(F) How can you join us?
Simply set the intention before bedtime to visit our group.
Here is a simply prayer and intention (optional):

"Great Mother Goddess, who is in and through all,
I know that I am one with your goodness, love, light, harmony and abundance.
I know that all is in divine order and life is good.
Tonight during dreamtime, I intend to visit the astral group "Goddess Priestesses of The Violet Fire". I intend that my time there is blessed and aligned with my highest and greatest good. Thank you Great Mother for all that I am and all that I have right now. I release and let go, knowing all is done well and now, perfectly and completely. And so it is!!!!!

(G) How can you make this a great experience for yourself?
See this group as a way to have a healthier dreamtime and a way to bring more light into your life. You may also wish to:
1. use clear intention & prayer through out your day
2. keep a dream journal to write down thoughts or ideas or info
3. create an altar space in your home
4. Get healing work often
5. Have ritual & ceremonies every lunar cycle (full & new)
6. Create a daily practice (i.e. meditation, chanting, movement, etc.)

We hope to see you there!!!